Experts in the Industry

We will be your NDT experts and trusted partners

Evolve NDT wants to make your NDT program experience as cost-effective, robust, and easy to manage as possible. We won't just be a partner to you, we will be trusted members of your team. With decades of industry experience in operational improvements and NDT consulting, we will help you achieve your quality, safety, and training goals. We will always be evolving our capabilities and support methods to keep up with the industry and customer's needs.

NDT Training Services

Evolve NDT can train and test your Level I, II, and III NDT technicians in all NDT methods per NAS 410, SNT-TC-1A, CP-189, and ATA SPEC 105.

We can conduct any initial training/testing and/or recertification training/testing needed at your facility or we can perform this training at our  Technology Center based in the Atlanta, GA. area.

Please contact us to register for training classes.

NDT Technicians must have the following to become certified: 

Experience Hours/On Job– Certification on all levels requires hands-on experience. All required experience hours are defined in the applicable certification standard referenced above.

Training/Education Hours– The company’s quality program covers the requirements for each level of training. Evolve NDT can assist in both training and setting up the company’s NDT Quality program.

Certification Exams– Evolve NDT can proctor the required two written and one practical exam required to become certified at each level.

Written Exams:

General- Closed book, multiple choice. Specific- Open book, multiple choice.

Hands-On Exam:

Practical- Hands-on test using NDT equipment and sample parts.




Nondestructive Testing Lab Services

Evolve NDT offers lab services in our Atlanta, Georgia area lab for the following methods: Visual Inspections, Eddy Current Inspections, Ultrasonic Inspections, Liquid Penetrant Inspections, and Magnetic Particle Inspections.

We will always be evolving our capabilities to stay current with the latest technologies in NDT.

We offer NDT services at your facility or at our Atlanta, Georgia based lab.

Research & Development Services

Evolve NDT can assist your company with NDT R&D programs using the latest technologies. Our goal is to assist in solving current and future problems relating to your specific company needs.

NDT Auditing Services

Time is money in business and Evolve NDT understands this. Your business can’t afford to pull away revenue-generating employees to prepare for external customer/vendor audits. Evolve NDT can come to your facility with a team-member mentality to fully review your programs and techniques as well as conduct a pre-audit for your facility. We will offer GAP Analysis and provide solutions to bring your program into full compliance. We can also conduct audits on your suppliers to ensure all standards and specifications are being met.

Level III Consulting & Representation

Evolve NDT is ready to be your Level III partner with decades of experience in program development. We can offer NDT Technique & Procedure Development including review and revisions, Full NDT Program Development including review and revisions, and Current NDT Program Gap Analysis including program solutions. Evolve NDT will also assist in troubleshooting of complex situations to include working with your company NDT inspectors to help better understand procedures and criteria in order to make a correct evaluation of NDT results.

Evolve NDT can also provide Responsible Level III support for your company when a full-time on-staff Level III is not needed for your company situation.

With a team-member mentality in your company, Evolve NDT, will work with you to ensure enhanced training, quality, and productivity goals are met.